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The Caminhos Film Festival was stated in the latest editions as the reference event in the Portuguese panorama, the only festival dedicated in its competition, to the Portuguese cinema in various aspects, from the final draft film school, through animation , documentary, short film to feature film. Since 1988 we were privileged as an organization to see and live within the best of Portuguese national productions over the past twenty editions, but also to follow the progress of all the Portuguese film industry. We opened the event from Juniors, to seniors, to Film Schools, publishers and booksellers, all Portuguese production turning it in true showcase of national cinema in Portugal. A showcase, which has focused on bringing the creators to the publics, focusing on interaction at all levels.

O festival Caminhos do Cinema Português afirmou-se nas últimas edições como o evento de referência do panorama português, sendo o único festival dedicado, na sua competição, ao cinema português em várias vertentes, desde os projectos finais de escola de cinema, passando pela animação, documentário, curta-metragem até à longa-metragem. Desde 1988 tivemos o privilégio, enquanto organização de ver e (con)viver com o melhor da produção nacional portuguesa ao longo das últimas XIX edições, mas igualmente de acompanhar a evolução de toda a indústria cinematográfica portuguesa. Abrimos o evento aos Juniores, aos Séniores, às Escolas de Cinema, às editoras e livreiros, a toda a produção portuguesa transformando-o na verdadeira montra do cinema nacional em Portugal. Uma montra, que tem apostado em aproximar os criadores dos seus públicos, apostando na interacção em todos os níveis.




Rules and Terms for the 24th edition

  1. Definition
    1. The Caminhos Film Festival is a generalist film festival focused on the Portuguese contemporary cinematography, being a singular event in Portugal, for the way it
    2. promotes the exhibition, discussion and cinematographic practices through the conduction of competitive sections, parallel sections, cinematographic retrospectives and pedagogical action and of professional formation in the theoretical-practical field.
    3. The festival os idealized by lovers and professionals of the cinematographic world and aims to give visibility to the different Portuguese productions, in its different technical and thematic areas.
    4. At its conceptual level, the Caminhos Film Festival is characterized by a range of registers that are a reliable source of the panorama of cinematographic production in Portugal every year, promoting itself as a gathering space of “all the Portuguese cinema”.
    5. The Caminhos Film Festival wants to be what its name conveys, a summary of the different paths of the Portuguese cinematography. There is not only one path, and we can acknowledge that when we enumerate them, namely: author cinema, comercial cinema, cinema for children and video art. The Portuguese cinema fits in many age groups and stylistic registers that the history of cinema shows us.
    6. The festival is an initiative co-organized by the Caminhos do Cinema Português – Associação de Artes Cinematográficas de Coimbra and by the Centro de Estudos Cinematográficos da Associação Académica de Coimbra.
    7. The Caminhos Film Festival consider that the duration of a short-film is inferior to 40 minutes.
    8. The 24th edition of the Caminhos Film Festival will take place from the 23rdof November until the 1stof December 2018.


  1. Objectives
    1. The Caminhos Film Festival has as general purpose of the project to reinforce the access to the cinematographic culture of Portugal, promoting its diffusion, and the elements to its comparison and comprehension.
    2. In each edition, the project must reinforce the bonds with the existing community and local identity, promoting the integration in a national identity and community.
    3. The festival wants to promote the comparison and comprehension of the Portuguese cinematography in a global context, regarding the contexts of professional cinematographic production, academic and cinefile in general.


  1. Competitive Sections
    The Caminhos Film Festival presents two competitive sections, namely the Caminhos Selection (Selecção Caminhos) and the Essays Selection (Selecção Ensaios).


    1. The Caminhos Selection (Selecção Caminhos) is dedicated to all the Portuguese cinematography of professional production consecrating in this section all the cinematographic genres.
    2. The Essays Selection (Selecção Ensaios) is dedicated to films produced in academic context or of technical and professional formation (Film Schools, Audiovisual and Multimedia of the Secondary and Superior Education) and wants to grant a space to all the directors, that in Portugal and at a International level, that aim to be the creators of tomorrow.
    3. The works to present in each one of the competitive sections will be the result of a pre-selection at the responsibility of the organization.


  1. Admission 
    1. There will be only admitted to the competition films of Portuguese production, whose conclusion occurred after the end of the deadline of applications of the films of the last edition of the festival, this is concluded after the 1 September 2017.
    2. Can only apply all the films that even being produced in an previous date to the one mentioned before that never where exhibited in comercial or alternative circuits.
      1. By alternative circuit should be understood that the film went through a circuit being distributed by film clubs, municipal auditoriums, universities and other public spaces in a total superior to two exhibitions.
    3. There won’t be accepted titles that have been exhibited in television or available by the will of the author or the producer on Internet websites.
    4. In the parallel sections there will be admitted films produced in the last three years.
      1. In the retrospective the limits in relation to the year of production of the participant works do not apply.
    5. There accepted international productions in the Essays Selection and in the parallel sections Juniors and World.
      1. The films with dialogues in a foreign language must be subtitled in Portuguese.
      2. The international works could be subtitled in English or in French.
      3. The international films proposed to the Juniors will be exclusively in Portuguese language or without dialogs and appropriate to the group age from 4 to 10 years old.
    6. There is no limit regarding the number of works that each director/producer can submit to the festival, as long as they respect the norms of this regulation.
    7. The applications take place mandatorily in the platform FilmFreeway, by the website
    8. There won’t be accepted films that applied or were selected to past editions of the Festival.
    9. It is of the responsibility of the applicants to point in which category they are applying in the moment of the application.
    10. It is of the responsibility of the festival the selection of all the programed films.
    11. Any submitted film might be part of other sessions or sections of the festival.
    12. There are accepted applications in the following formats:
      1. In the Caminhos Selection there will be accepted productions in film in the formats 16mm and 35mm or in video in the format BETASP.
      2. In all the selections and parallel sections
        1. BLU-RAY(PAL system)
        2. Files PRORES422 HQor superior, DNxHD. H264or HEVCcould be accepted occasionally.
      3. The festival does not accept copies of exhibition in other formats or supports besides the ones specified above.


  1. Deadlines
    1. The deadline of application of films and submission of copies to the pre-selection of the Festival is July 31st 2018. The selected films will be notified until September 31st 2018.
      1. The festival does not guarantee the viewing and appreciation of films received after the deadline of application.
    2. The deadline date for the sending of copies for exhibition is the 31st October 2018.
    3. The festival won’t make any payment for the rental of copies for the exhibition of films in competition.
    4. Costs of application
      1. Until May 31st 2018: free to all the categories
      2. From the May 31st until June 30th
        1. Motion Pictures – 10€
        2. Short-Films – 5€
      3. From June 30th until July 31st
        1. Motion Pictures – 20€
        2. Short-Films – 10€
      4. The costs of application for students registered in the academic year 2017-2018, that present the registration certificate, will be reduced in 50%. These must contact the organization and inform of this specific situation by the email ensaios@caminhos.infosending the name of the film(s) and the institution registration certificate.


  1. Acceptance 
    1. The applicants will be informed of the acceptance of their works and will have to send, via e-mail or post, the following informations:
      • Bio-filmography of the Director;
      • Copy of exhibition and Copy in Video (DVD/BLU-RAY) of the film (mandatorily via post);
      • Complete Technical File of the Film;
      • Photography of the Director, of scene, of the film and Poster of the Film;
      • Trailer or Excert up to 2 minutes of the film;
    2. The submission of the materials, when the option is via email, must be made for:
    3. The copy of exhibition (DVD/BLU-RAY) for projection must be sent to:

Caminhos do Cinema Português
Rua Padre António Vieira, Edifício AAC– 1º Andar
3000 – 315 Coimbra

  1. Film Transportation and Insurance 
    1. The Shipping Fees of the Copies of Exhibition of the selected films will be covered by the Festival, being its devolution of the responsibility of the applicant.
    2. The applicant must, when the copies of exhibition are sent, indicate the means through which they want the copies to be returned. In the case of omission of that indication, the copies will be returned by festival’s carrier, being the costs payed by the applicant.
    3. All the films to exhibit in the competitive sections must remain in the Festival until its end, being returned after the end of it.
    4. The organization takes the responsibility for the insurance of the copies since thier arrival until their devolution.


  1. Jury
    1. Each Jury will be composed by a panel of national and international figures, of recognized merit for their contribution for the development of Cinema, Culture or the society in general.
    2. The constitution of each Jury team will be announced, in time, in the website of the festival.
    3. The Jury can decide the assignment of Honorable Mentions, in a maximum of one for each award.
      1. There won’t be assigned Honorable Mentions to the Technical-Artistic Awards.
    4. The Jury won’t attribute awards in ex aequo.
    5. From the decisions of the Jury will be written minutes justifying their decisions.
      1. It is reserved to the Jury the right to don’t attribute any one of the awards in competition, as long as justified in the minute of the meeting.
    6. The films of the Caminhos Selection will be evaluated by the following teams:
      1. Caminhos Jury
      2. Jury of the Internacional Federation of Film Societies/IFFS
        1. The IFFS Jury is composed by cinephiles of any country of the world, selected from the applications of the many National Federations of Cinema Clubs.
        2. There are only electable for the award D. Quijote of the FICC/IFFS the films without dialogue, spoken or with subtitles in English or French, present in the Caminhos Selection.
        3. The awarded films by a IFF Jury of another festival won’t be considered to this award.
      3. CISION Press Jury
        The CISION Press Jury will composed by a panel national and international figures, of recognized merit and part of the different media outlets.
      4. Audience
    7. The films present in the Essays Selection will be evaluated by a jury that will evaluate the national competition and the international competition.


  1. Awards
    1. The films present in the Competitive Sections of the festival compete to the following awards:
      1. Caminhos Selection - Oficial Awards
        1. Great Awards of the Festival “Portugal Sou Eu”
        2. Award of Best Fiction Feature Film
        3. Award of Best Short-Film “Turismo do Centro”
          1. The Award of Best Short-Film is attributable to any cinematographic genre in the competition.
        4. Award of Best Documentary “Universidade de Coimbra”
        5. Award of Best Animation
        6. Revelation Award
          The Revelation Award must reward the work of new participants in the Portuguese cinematographic panorama that highlight themselves by their quality in any artistic area, having participated in a maximum of two feature films over their career time.
      2. Caminhos Selection - Technical-Artistic Awards
        The Jury will also have the responsibility to attribute, to the set of works in exhibition in the Caminhos Selection, the following awards regardless of the duration of the work:


        1. Best Actor;
        2. Best Supporting Actor;
        3. Best Actress;
        4. Best Supporting Actress;
        5. Best Artistic Direction;
        6. Best Photography;
        7. Best Wardrobe;
        8. Best Director;
        9. Best Makeup;
        10. Best Editing;
        11. Best Sound;
        12. Best Original Screenplay;
        13. Best Adapted Screenplay;
        14. Best Original Soundtrack;
        15. Best Communication and Promotion.
      3. The award Don Quijote /Jury IFSS– Internacional Federation of Film Societies
        The award D. Quijote is a alarde of the IFFS– Internacional Federation of Film Societies attributed in selected festivals of cinema, promoting the winner film worldwide through a network of cinema clubs. The base to the selection is the philosophy of the cinema club movement, as basis the Tabor Plan, the Rights of the Audience and the Quijote utopia.
      4. Award of the Press CISION Jury;
        This awards wants to distinguish the Portuguese cinematographic work of any genre and footage, present in the Caminhos Selection, promoting the winner film in the written press, radiophonic and television, at the university, regional and national levels. There will be taken in account, in the artistic evaluation of each cinematographic work, the following criteria of evaluation:


        1. The cinematographic quality of the film in its whole.
        2. The rhythm and the conscience of the edition presented by the film.
        3. The expressivity and quality of the photography and the sound.
        4. The esthetic coherence of estrutural scheme of the cinematographic work.
        5. The harmonization of the images in the relation with sound and/or original soundtrack of the film.In the interest of a bigger visibility and public recognition of the Portuguese cinematography, the CISION Press Award aims to reward the rigor and aesthetic daring, in the narrative, as well as at the cinematographic image. Thus, the festival aims to value the Portuguese production  in a artistic perspective, one of its most expressive characteristics.
      5. Award of the Audience - “Chama Amarela”
        This award will be given through the scrutiny and the calculation of the arithmetic average of the opinion expressed by the audience, in a ballot  paper, at the end of each session of the Caminhos Selection.
      6. Essays Selection
        1. Best National Essay
        2. Best International Essay
    2. The awards may include a monetary or benefit component, depending on the sponsors of the Festival.


  1. Parallel Sections

As a way to reinforce the cinematography offered to specific audiences, the festival promotes parallel sections, namely:

  1. Juniores
    The gathering of young audience to the Portuguese cinema is extremely important. Therefore the Juniors aim to maintain a space reserved to the participation of schools in the festival. This section presents itself as and educative service, having as basis the minutes of pure joy that the children will experience making possible the creation of consumerism habits of Portuguese cinema.
  2. Juveniles
    Cinema has an important role in the cultural instruction of its audience. There are films that, due to its thematic and technical softness, serve only to entertain the viewer, making forget, don’t think, and don’t know. The Caminhos propose to use this section to take to the juvenile audience a relevant filmography, so that the audience can construct a critical judgement and have knowledge of the contemporary Portuguese cinematography, that can later be a part of the National Program of Cinema.
  3. Seniores
    The Caminhos Film Festival is aware that nowadays it is increasingly harder to find incentives in which the seniors can participate. Our goal is to offer a filmography that, besides having a cultural component also have an important social role and a role of integration in the society.
  4. World
    This section offers to the public an heterogeneous program crossing fiction, documentary and animation in the format of short-film or motion picture, along a predominant theme.
  5. Retrospective
    The retrospectives aim to critically look at the history and the people involved in Portuguese Cinema. promoting the most important moments of the language and the technical and artistic innovation.
  6. Reposition
    The repositions offer a second exhibition of the titles of unique quality registered in the competitive sections of the festival, giving the audience and the jury the opportunity to review and re-analyze some of the most remarkable films in competition at the festival.
  7. Other Looks
    Caminhos are a plural space and of gathering of the Portuguesa Cinema. Therefore, this is a space reserved to other looks on the practice and cinematographic exercise promoting the fall of the canon and the search for new languages.


  1. Priority List of Festivals and Awards

The films selected to the Caminhos Film Festival can apply to the sub-program Aid to the Divulgation and International Promotion of National Works, requesting financial aid destined to support the expenses with the promotion and participation, once this festival is part of the List of Festivals with Priority of the ICA- I.P.


  1. Other Provisions 
    1. The films registered in the festival will be included in the Festival’s film library. The organization has, therefore, the authorization the use them in their activities, before and after the festival, in brochures, publicity, in the Internet, and also to other promotional and educational purposes, except if the is an explicit indication that expresses to contrary of the disposed in the moment of the application.
    2. All selected films can be consulted during the festival by accredited professionals, as long as authorized by the organization.
    3. For any other use of the work, will always be asked the written authorization of the authors.


  1. Omission Cases 
    1. To the Organizational Comission of the festival, is reserved the right to decide on the cases not planned in this Regulation, as well as procede to the necessary alterations, giving a in time notice to the interested people.
    2. Decide the exceptional conditions that allow the selection of a film that does not completely respect the terms of this Regulation.


  1. Final Disposal

The application for the pre-selection and participation in the different competitive and parallel sections of the Caminhos Film Festival implies the reading and acceptance of this Official Regulation.


Coimbra, May 1st 2018


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