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Fantasporto retuns as the official Media Partner of Fantasporto.  

OPORTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL FANTASPORTO 2022 Oporto Film Festival promotes films that seek new forms and methods of film making. 


Fantasporto and Porto Pictures Gallery and  the recent ones here  Video Gallery Fantasporto 2017 2018 2019 Watch ambiance and trailers. 2020 Ambiance and Trailers


Program announced for Fantasporto 41st edition





Toponímia- Memories of Porto - António Pinto - 82 '(Port) - PCP- WORLD ANTESTREIA-documentary - vo fal. port
Through the streets of Porto, a journey in a slow but panoramic train to the past. A legacy of old customs and crafts that began to fall into disuse and a document about the collective memory of Porto. The nostalgia of time spent in confrontation with the evolution of time.

15.00 • Ten Minutes to Midnight- Erik Bloomquist - 73 '(USA) CF - comedy, horror, zombies - vo fal. english
A broadcaster with an evening program, Amy Marlow, is trapped at the station with her colleagues and the station owner, during a violent storm, after being bitten by a bat. With Caroline Williams (“Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2”). 1st feature film by the director.

17:00 • Paper Spiders- Inon Shampanier- 110 '(USA) SR- drama - vo fal. english
Mother and daughter move into a new home. Convinced that the neighbor spies on them constantly, the mother seems paranoid. With remarkable interpretations of Lili Taylor, actress nominated for 3 Emmys. 2nd feature film by the director.

19:30 • Death in Venice (Morte a Venezia) - Luchino Visconti- 130 '- (Ita / Fra) -1971- FANTASCLASSICS - drama - vo leg port
The obsession of the aristocrat who knows he is on his way to death and feels the nostalgia for losing the vision of Beauty, symbolized by the teenager Tadzio. Mahler's music, Thomas Mann's novel , Dirk Bogarde's interpretation and Visconti's look, in an unmissable masterpiece.


Experimental Horror Film # 1: Skull - Luís Miranda- 1 '49' '(Port )
Aldeia do Diabo- Bruno Acosta , Marcos Kontze, Melissa Gomes, Tom Freitas- 10 '50' '(Port)
Wardrobe - Gonçalo Silva- 27' (Port)
Stepless- Nadège Jankowicz - 3 '8' '(Port)
Area 51? 52! - Alexandra Prates, Tânia Prates- 2'24 '' (Port )
Exício- Carolina Ferreira-10 '(Port)
Detective Volkov - Jorge Sousa and Manuel Pedro Gil- 19'32' '(Port)
Small Silent Disorder - Pedro Sena Nunes - 9 '(Eng)

15.30 • LX 2048 - Guy Moshe- 104' (USA / Lithuania) - sci-fi - vo fal english. leg port .
The future with new challenges for humanity. The sun is toxic but some still go outdoors. Among them is Adam, looking to secure his family, now that he knows he is dying and that his relationship with his wife is not the best. Adam must understand that he can be quickly replaced by a being like him. Or better.

18.00 • Exquisite Corpse / Cadáver Exquisito- Lucía Vassallo- 88 '(Argentina) SR - drama - vo leg inglian
Bianca is an albino scientist involved in a relationship with Clara. The day Clara falls into a coma, she knows she is pregnant. Revisiting the past and going through her things, Clara looks for reasons for the pregnancy. The solution appears when Clara responds, on Bianca's cell phone, to a message from one Lucas. 1st feature film by the director.

20.00 • The Reckoning- Neil Marshall - 110'- (GB) - CF - horror, fantastic - voingl. leg port
In the 17th century, without explanation for the plague and other evils, society blames women it considers witches. After her husband's tragic death, a wife and young daughter fall into the hands of the landlord. Awards for Best Film, Director, Actor and Actress at the Los Angeles Film Awards and the New York International Film Awards. The director was nominated for an Emmy, in 2014, for the episode “The Watchers on the Wall” from “Game of Thrones”.


A Pollock with Blood - Rui António - 146´ (Port) PCP- ANTESTREIA MUNDIAL- - vo fal. port
A few dead, a couple, a young man who likes taxidermy and his grandmother, a mechanic, a detective. The film has as its starting point 24 writers who in turn contributed to the development of the script. Each of these contributions results in a sequence of the film. It was up to 24 musicians to compose the soundtrack for these sequences after filming.

16:00 • Wildcat- Jonathan W. Stokes - 93 '(USA) SR - drama, war, horror talk. english
Somewhere in Mosul, a woman and a soldier are chained, trapped by the Taliban in a squalid room and kept alive by hope. The realism of war lived up close.

18:00 • Awauta- Mile Nagaoka- 71 '(Jap) - WORLD ANTESTREY- SR- drama- English leg
Yumiko is a geisha who leaves the city and returns to her homeland. There, she is again confronted with ancestral traditions, music and dance. “Awauta” is a classic Japanese poem with 48 sounds that uses the human voice to create a divine resonance, transforming everyone's experience into happy and positive sounds. 1st feature film by the director.

20.00 • Marionette - Elbert van Strien- 112 '(Hol / UK / Luxemb) - CF - fantastic, horror - spoken English, leg.port
From director Elbert van Strien, winner of Fantasporto's Best Fantastic Film Award 2011 with “Two Staring Eyes ”, this is the story of a psychiatrist who, after her husband's death in an accident, decides to go to work in Scotland. One of her patients is an enigmatic little boy who draws violent images and says that he controls her future.


The Woman Without a Body- António Borges Correia - 80 '(Port) - PCP- ANTESTREIA WORLD. - vo spoken port
The Woman Without a Body is an invisible being, victim of domestic violence. We know its history through Joana, a pair that lives in the places where the woman passed. Social phobia made her run away from her family and the past.

15:30 • The Trouble with Being Born- Sandra Wollner- 94 '(Austria / Alem) CF- drama, sci-fi - vo leg english
Elli is an android in the shape of a child and with memories that are worth a lot to her owner but little to her. This is the story about what humans think about loss, death, loneliness and human relationships. The film received the Special Jury Prize at the Berlin Festival from the Encounters section, and was selected by the Festival of San Sebastian and Bergen, among others.

17:30 • Dinner in America- Adam Rehmeier - 108 '(USA) - SR- drama - vo fal. english
A boy lives by means. An unsuitable and unintelligent young woman. The two meet and begin a journey through the problems of America's suburbs. A tale about a youth without values ​​or a future, obsession and uprooting, meeting love. Produced by the well-known Ben Stiller, the film was Audience Award at the Neuchatel Festival and awarded at the Odesa and Virginia festivals , being Sundance selection.

20:00 • Preparations To Be Together for an Unknown Period of Time / Felkészulés - Lili Horvát- 95 '(Hungary) SR- drama, romance - vo leg ingl
Márta, a 40-year-old neurosurgeon, falls in love and decides to leave her brilliant career in the United States. He arrives in Budapest to start a new life with the man he loves. But the meeting scheduled with him at the Ponte da Liberdade does not happen. An irresistible and inevitable love story, already winning the Jury Prize at the Philadelphia Festival and prizes at the Valladolid and Warsaw Festivals.


40 Years of Fantasporto- Isabel Pina- 110 '(Port) PCP - ANTESTREIA MUNDIAL- documentário- - vovo vovo. port and English.
In celebrating 40 years of Fantasporto, Isabel Pina interviewed dozens of people around the world, from the founders, to the directors and professionals who started their careers at the event.

16:00 • The Cemetery of Lost Souls - Rodrigo Aragão- 95'- Brazil - CF- horror- spoken port, leg ingl
A boat in the middle of the storm is saved by the invocation of a man, Cipriano. Sailors arrive on land and kill the natives. But a woman survives. From the director of “A Mata Negra”.

18:00 • In the Quarry / En el Pozo- Rafael and Bernardo Antonaccio - 82 '(Uruguay) SR- drama, thriller - vo leg ingl
A girl takes her boyfriend from the city to meet his friends from the place where he grew up. They all camp by the deceptive waters of the abandoned quarry on a beautiful sunny day. Winner of the Best Film Award at the Latin American Film Festival.

20:00 • Post -Mortem- Péter Bergendy - 115 '(Hung) - CF - fantastic, horror- English leg
A photographer takes family photos with their dead, as was the custom at the time. Arrived in a village, they live surrounded by scary ghosts. This is the first Hungarian horror film, rivaling the great American productions, to also remember great classics like the Soviet "Viyi".


12.00 • SO SHORT FILMS COMPETITION C. FANTASTIC - 160 '- vo leg ingl
(The order in which the films may be shown may not be as shown below)
Dar-Dar- Paul Urkijo Alijo- 10' - Esp
Zealandia- Bruno Du Bois- 15 '(N.Zeland / Belgium)
Pandora- Matthias Lerch- 6'59' '- Alem - WP- animation
Regarde Ce Que Tu As Fait! - Monica de Almeida- 9'58 '' - Switzerland
Conversaciones con un Mono- Grojo- 15'- Esp- animation
[Out of Sync] - Sasuke Sayama- 14 '10' '- Jap
Routine: La Prohibición- Sam Orti- 8 '- Esp- animation
3 Murs & un Toit- Mathilde Dugardin, Orane Laffra, Hugo de Magalhães, Wassim El Hammami - 9'10' '(Fra) - animation
Tongue with Capers- David Mataró - 15' (Esp)
Carmentis- Anthony Webb- 15 '(Australia)
Abracitos - Tony Morales - 10'58' '- Esp
Out At Night - Christopher Hewitt- 15' (United Kingdom)
No Podrás Volver Nunca- Mónica Mateo- 14'- Esp

15:15 • The Funeral Home / La Funeraria - Mauro Iván Ojeda- 86 '(Arg) CF - fantastic, horror - vo esp, leg ingl
Bernardo and his family live from the funeral home that is installed in his house. At the front, customers. Despite a very strange everyday life, now they have to discover the new truth. Another film with the vitality of Argentine cinema, very original and creative. 1st feature film by the director.

17:15 • Fight Club- David Fincher- 139 '(USA) - 1999- CULTURE FILMS- drama - vo leg port

Without finding a solution to the lack of sleep, the Narrator (Edward Norton) finds some peace in the pain and tears of the others. His friendship with Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) becomes a springboard for everything. A film for a whole generation, by the director of “Se7en”, winner of the Fantasporto Grand Prix in 1996.

20:00 • Suicide Forest Village - Takashi Shimizu- 116 '(Jap) - CF - horror, fantastic - vo leg ingl
Duas girls are collected near the suicide forest. Years later, under the house where they now live, they find a strange box that decimates those who come into contact. The answer is in the forest. The director of "Howling Village" presented at Fantasporto 2020


11:30 • Get The Hell Out - I-Fan Wang - 96 '(Taiwan) CF comedy, horror, zombies - vo leg ingl
A woman is elected member of Parliament whose fame is to be the scene of grandiose beating scenes. Burlesque, blood in spurts, zombies, a delirium of satire and exaggeration, in the manner of the Japanese manga. Selection of Sitges and Filadelfia festivals. 1st feature film by the director.

13.30 • Tin Can- Seth A. Smith- 105 '(Can) CF- horror, sci-fi - vo fal. english
In a world dominated by the plague, a researcher specializing in parasites makes an important discovery. However, she ends up prisoner in a capsule that supports her life. To escape, you must destroy the last of its kind and build a new race. Selection of Sitges 2020 Festival

16.00 • Leopard (Il Gattopardo) - Luchino Visconti - 186 '(Ita / Fra) - 1963- FANTASCLASSICS - drama voleg port
Around 1860, in Sicily, the dying aristocracy struggles to stay alive against the constant attacks. With Burt Lancaster. His Prince of Salina is the true aristocrat who knows his place and the dignity and integrity that is expected of him, yet unable to accept the winds of modernity without the values ​​of the past. A masterpiece of Visconti's cinema.

(This session may start slightly late)

At Man's Land- Conor Allyn - 115 '(USA / Mexico) - P & P- drama, thriller - vo leg port
A “western” modern inspired by the real life of those who live in the nobody's areas of the border between Mexico and the United States. On a patrol with his father, Jackson accidentally kills a Mexican emigrant boy. When his father tries to take the blame, Jackson flees to Mexico on horseback, thus becoming an illegal emigrant himself. Jackson crosses the country to apologize to the dead boy's father, eventually loving the land he was taught to hate. With Frank Grillo, an action star (“Law & Order,“ CSI ”) and Andie MacDowell (“ Four Weddings and a Funeral ”).

Sessions may experience slight delays.


April 30th -

Friday - 5pm FANTASPORTO 40 YEARS: A CINEMA STORY by Beatriz Pacheco Pereira
A complete look at 600 pages of text and image, profusely illustrated with hundreds of photos about Fantasporto's 40 years (1981-2020) , going through the programs year by year, the posters, the important discoveries of the new directors with their first films, the presence of many of them at the Oscars, the list and the faces of guests and professionals who visited him, the friends and promoters of the festival since its origin, the participants, letters of personalities and honors received.

May 3 - Monday - 5 pm

BODY STRANGE by Danyel Guerra - TALES

From strangeness to entrenchment. In order for this transmutation to manifest, fluttering in epiphanic, Midas's touch of readers' gaze and brain becomes essential (quint After all, it is to be ingrained that the stories and characters of 'Foreign Body' were modeled and received the breath of eternal life.


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